Vet Screw Ø 1.5mm


Slotted Head Slotted Head Cross Head
4 V01.04 Ti-V01.04 Ti-V08.04
5 V01.05 Ti-V01.05 Ti-V08.05
6 V01.06 Ti-V01.06 Ti-V08.06
7 V01.07 Ti-V01.07 Ti-V08.07
8 V01.08 Ti-V01.08 Ti-V08.08
9 V01.09 Ti-V01.09 Ti-V08.09
10 V01.10 Ti-V01.10 Ti-V08.10
11 V01.11 Ti-V01.11 Ti-V08.11
12 V01.12 Ti-V01.12 Ti-V08.12

Vet Cortex Screw Ø 1.5mm


6 V118.006 Ti-V118.006
7 V118.007 Ti-V118.007
8 V118.008 Ti-V118.008
9 V118.009 Ti-V118.009
10 V118.010 Ti-V118.010
11 V118.011 Ti-V118.011
12 V118.012 Ti-V118.012
13 V118.013 Ti-V118.013
14 V118.014 Ti-V118.014
16 V118.016 Ti-V118.016
18 V118.018 Ti-V118.018
20 V118.020 Ti-V118.020

Vet Cortex Screw Ø 1.5mm Self Tapping


6 V118.206 Ti- V118.206
7 V118.207 Ti-V118.207
8 V118.208 Ti-V118.208
9 V118.209 Ti-V118.209
10 V118.210 Ti-V118.210
11 V118.211 Ti-V118.211
12 V118.212 Ti-V118.212
13 V118.213 Ti-V118.213
14 V118.214 Ti-V118.214
16 V118.216 Ti-V118.216
18 V118.218 Ti-V118.218
20 V118.220 Ti-V118.220

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